Monday, February 8, 2010

Long Distance Friendships

Ok, how would you describe the perfect long distance relationship with a Friend?

This is the scenario- You have or had all these great Friends, you move away or they move away from you. You develope a new community. You have a husband, kids, animals etc... You become busy. Naturally you seem to be completely two different people. But you can't deny the relationship, and the desire to still be friends.

These are the two types of people I have come into contact with-

*Some people can have friends that they don't see or talk to for months. One day the phone rings, you talk like nothing has changed. No awkwardness, no silences but you are excited to talk about all that has happened.

* Then you have other people who need to talk once a week, every few weeks, you get the point, to feel like you are even friends ...

What is to be a grown woman and man and still have friends not living in the same town?

What is the balance?
What are your expectations of your friends?
What do you think God calls you to do?
What is the "grace"?